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Can hotspots work with path's?
Hi! Can hotspots mark a path or multiple path's? If so, how can we do it? ...
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Posted on Monday, 17 May 2021
Übersicht Buchunge, Warteliste, Freie Plätze bei m
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit eine Übersicht über alle markierten Veranstaltungen ein...
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Posted on Monday, 10 May 2021
b.split is not a function
Dear Admin I got this warning in red: User Engagement b.split is not a func...
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Posted on Saturday, 01 May 2021
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  • Problems with priviledges
    Hello, I installedthe trial version pf CCComment, it worlks BUT when I click on...
    4 Replies
    Posted on Thursday, 20 September 2018
    HotSpots not updating on Category Map (but OK insi
    HI! I'm having issues with my HotSpots installation whereby I make changes to a ...
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    Posted on Friday, 07 May 2021