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Hello, have Matukio installed and than i had the migration started. The popup window is now more than 30 minutes without a reaction. How long goes this in the normal case? Gives a complete actual Matukio-installation, without migration? sinser...
Hello, I just bought ccomment pro and need a easy way to migrate from JComments to ccomments. Thoughts? Thanks in advanced....
Hi, I needed to migrate a seminar 1.5 to matukio last version. So I install matukio 6.1.5 and import: all was fine. Then I've tried updating to Matukio 7.0.8. there was an error during installing new version: 'matukio_bookingform_form' doe...
Hi, I'm migrating a joomla 1.5 with seminar to a new joomla 3.8 installation with last Matukio events version. I wish I can import my previous events and statistics: which way do you suggest to do so? Thanks!...
Nothing is happening after requesting the migration. I get "Migration Started" but nothing seems to be happening. I waited about 30 minutes....
Hallo Yves und Dimitri, ich bin überrascht, dass diese Zeilen noch kein Anderer geschrieben hat, Matukio-User scheinen sehr leidensfähig zu sein. Ich verfolge die Einträge in diesem Support-Forum seit Veröffentlichung der Version 7. Ich möchte auch...
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This is not a question, unless someone reading this knows a better way to do thi...
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Posted on Monday, 22 July 2019
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Show all markers (and keep paginated list)?
For my particular use case it makes more sense to do marker clusters than tiles....
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Posted on Thursday, 19 May 2022
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    Posted on Thursday, 19 May 2022
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  • Filter by custom field and/or date?
    Hi and happy Monday! First of all, thanks for your patience and support while...
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    Posted on Monday, 25 April 2022
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