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Hello If we have a quantity of guests greater than 1 the field titles add numbers for each additional guest. Example: Name Name * 1 Name * 2 This is causing our guest to assume Name 1 and Name 2 means the first and last name instead of a...
William Alden Matukio supporter
New Member
Hallo, Ich erhalte den folgenden Fehler, wenn ich eine Veranstaltung buchen möchte (testweise): 500 - <h1>Your form is missing a fee / quantity select ... etc ... Ich habe nun versucht das Standard-Buchungsformular aufzurufen, was nicht fun...
Susanne Walz Matukio supporter
New Member
After migration to Matukio 7,0 I have trouble with the default booking form. Maybe the migration did not succeed? In the backend the default booking form will not show, and in the frontend I get this message when I try to book in a event: YOUR FOR...
Idar Høviskeland Pedersen Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi there, how can I access the second page of the form? I tried the Link in the Head section and the link on the left to "new page" Both don't work. Also, the quantity selection is not shown in the form although the "Properties Matukio...
Elisa Foltyn Matukio supporter
New Member
Hi, After upgrade to 7.0.1 I had the 500er problem too. Since I open and close the Default Booking Form, it's ok. But I do have several Label lines in this Default Booking Form, Which also shows up at the front end. Trying to delete those labels the...
Marco Schnyder Matukio supporter
Senior Member
Hi, i started using the new Matukio 7 (RC2) on a test System. My Question: how could i generate Custom Fields per event like the 20 Custom fields in the old Version? (Best practice)...
Brungert Wolfgang Matukio supporter
New Member
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