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  3. Saturday, 01 June 2013
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I have made a migration test of few Wordpress posts into Jommla K2 items.
Everything worked perfectly.

Then I parsed the newly imported items and all images were transferred to
to images/cmigration folder (not media/images folder, as written in the User's Guide. see https://compojoom.com/support/documentation/cmigrator/ch03s04). But this is only a minor remark.

The main problem is that original image filenames, that were encoded in UTF-8 (Hebrew), were newly created in some other charset (maybe it is ANSI) which is displayed as giberish.

1. Here is the original file name:

2. Here is the filename as it appears in right-click "Copy image URL":

(the original full URL is:

3. Here is the newly created filename after "Parse" stage:

When I manually rename the image, to the original filename, it is display correctly. That means that the src attribute of the img tag is written correctly.

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