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  3. Monday, 28 July 2008
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OK excelent component so far, and I suggest the following future improvements:

1. we need a clean template, maybe white background and black text, not red or blue, just clean and easy to customise;

2. add ability to report comments

3. add ability to add content to favorites,

4. add Google and other bookmarking system

5. add ability to share with de licious, my yahoo and so on

6. complete in "Read more" line with the following links/strings: "read more.." link, number of hits, comments link (2 comments), favorited (number of users that favorited the content), Subscribers (3)
The complete "read more line" should look like this: Read more.. Hits: 215 Favorited(5) Subscribers (3) Comments (2)

7. Sliding effects are not so present, and they should make the page "move" nice and smooth, and not so brutal after submiting a comment

8. Add ability to control from back if comments are expanded (by default) or not, and expanding must have a transition effect

9. My god captcha background images are crazy, and the font is distorted (this feature is not used anymore since first Mambo)

List might be updated with other nice suggestions
Thank you
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