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  4. Thursday, 16 June 2016
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 A person entered a hotspot on our map by accessing the form online. We want them to! I was happy. I got an email telling me so with a link to this particular hotspot which was ID 119. However I couldn't see this hotspot using this link so I went to the backend and I couldn't see it there either. When I tried to enter it myself I got a message that it had already been entered.

I can also see it on the map and in the list on the side.

I'm assuming it has something to do with the user group and permissions, etc. I have enabled the public group to create a hotspot and enter images, and it seems like a super user could also see what was entered.

When I disabled the public group to create a hotspot then I got a 403 error. This is not what we want.

So I logged out and entered a hotspot myself and I could see it on the map and in the backend after I logged back in. I don't get it. This is mysterious.

Carol Jones

P.S. Also it seems the search field on the map doesn't work. When I know the hotspot is showing within the map boundary and type in the title, nothing happens. I think it used to work.
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