1. Crystal Dionysopoulos
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  3. Thursday, 19 May 2022
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For my particular use case it makes more sense to do marker clusters than tiles. I've overridden everything to no end at this point so I was able to implement the clustering myself.

However, it can only cluster markers that show up on the map...

So I was wondering if it's possible to return the entire (visible/filtered) collection somehow to markers but still paginate the hotspots list?

I am not too concerned about timing out because we don't necessarily need to return the whole hotspot entity when it's clustered, just the marker and position like you do with tiles. The only time the whole hotspot has to return is if you're zoomed in enough to see them individually.

I have been poking around but can't figure out where the pagination is happening on the marker end of things.

I promise this is the last thing. Thanks so much with your help and patience so far.
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