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  3. Friday, 30 July 2021
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I think there is some BUG.
I have 3 categories

Category 1
Category 2
Category 3

I wanted all hotspots in category 2 to be visible to a specific group of users.

I changed the permissions of the category, I go back to the user side site to do some tests (thinking that the component automatically hides all the hotspots from the map), instead the map no longer works and is all white.

So I tried to change the permissions in the single hotspots and give the permissions only to the interested group, I go back to the user side to check and I see that the hotspots in the map view (main view of the component) are hidden correctly, me if I try to access the direct link , i.e. in the single hotspot page, this strangely is still visible to the public side.

I kindly await your reply

Thank you

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