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  3. Monday, 10 January 2022
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Hello Compojoom,
I changed my the template for website from yootheme avanti (where ccomment worked well) to yootheme pro (homepage builder).
Under yootheme pro the ccomment blocks will not appear. Do I have to change any option, or is ccomment not compatible with yootheme pro?

I the module, the "choose template" button only provides one single option: default

Für com_content aktivieren: Yes
Beim Vorbereiten des Inhalts: No
Für com_virtuemart aktivieren: No
Für com_matukio aktivieren: No
Enable for JDownloads: No
Kommentare in Druckansicht zeigen: No

Modul-Tag: div
Bootstrap-Größe: 0
Header-Tag: h3
Header-Klasse: -
Modulstil: inherit
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