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  3. Friday, 29 August 2014
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We want to buy Matukio for our site but because we had a bad experience with a previously purchased software want to ask you some questions about the software before buying it.
-1- Is it possible to have unlimited event promoters ( organisers ) to be able to upload the events from the front end?
-2- Can each event be edited from the front end only by the promoter that has upload the event?
-3- Can the Matukio component to be set up so events has to be approved before been publish?
-4- Can we setup in the back-end so on each event an additional £2 or a % will be added to the cost of the ticket?
-5- Can videos be added to an event?
-6- Here http://demo.compojoom.com/matukio on the event list you have 2 events with picture but when we click on the event to see the details we do not see the picture. Can that be added? Can each event have it's on picture/video gallery?
-7- On the demo page you have only one module, the "Upcoming events" module, and it is without pictures. Can that module also have pictures for each event? Do you have any other modules for the Matukio component?
Thank you for your time.
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