1. Brian Morrison
  2. Installation
  3. Saturday, 09 August 2008
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There are several primary issues, besides stability, I am trying to figure out with JC. Also trying to figure out what I am getting into beforehand.

1) Is there only one template version available?

2) Which is in control of look, site template, or JC?

3) Will JC integrate well with Joomla Junkies Ario Lite template?

4) How does JC handle the “Read More” button appearance of Ario Lite, does it utilize Ario Lite format or what?

3) Captcha, which flavor does JC use and can it be easily implemented throughout site for other components, modules, or plugins? I want a single Captcha flavor and look throughout site, for logging in, and other functions. Any insight much appreciated. (Checked at Joomla.org Extensions and not a lot of Captcha to choose from, and implementation appears tough for all.)

Thanks in adavnce for your help.
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