1. Holger Knoth
  2. Bug report
  3. Tuesday, 07 March 2023
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I think I have found a bug in the "Content - HOTSPOTS" Plugin.

I use this plugin to show a single Hotspot in the map. With the syntax:
{hotspots hotspot=2}
2 is the ID of the hotspots I want to show.
If a user click on an article the site crash with a 500 error (see screenshot).

I use this feature on a lot of article on my main site canoeguide.net so first I have to disable the plugin and wait for a fix / solution.

But I make a test on another website where you can see the incident.
Go to
https://www.holger-knoth.de and click in menu on POC -> "Hotspot plugin test"
or you can click directly on:

Can anybody confirm this is a bug? I have changed tho Joomla 4 so I can currently not approve that maybe is was a migration mistake ( but it happens on two webites)

I would happy about a fix so that I can enable this helpful plugin again.

It crashes in the current newest Version: 6.0.11

Thanks and kind regards
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