1. Chad Criswell
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  3. Sunday, 09 September 2018
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I bought cmigrator earlier today to migrate a large site with around 1400 posts all with at least one image. The text migration seems to go fine but when I start the parsing operation it ran for five hours and didn't seem to accomplish anything. I started it and saw that it was counting upward about one item per second toward 3958 items that need to be parsed. However after two hours it still said 0 articles changed and nothing had been copied into the images/cmigrator folder. I finally quit working on the other stuff I was doing and left the computer to run on its own. I came back five hours later and of course was logged out of the site. After logging back in it appeared that nothing had changed. The articles still have their paragraph tags missing and no images are in the cmigrator folder.

What do I need to do?
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