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  3. Saturday, 22 February 2014
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Dear madam/sir,

this is the seminar component I have been waiting for a long time. I am not sure though, that I have found all the possibilities I would. Can you please tell me if it is possible to:

1. I would like to have a possibility to display all the events on the google map - ideally according to user´s position, with possibility of clicking on the pin on the map and opening the evetn

2. Would it be possible for the organizer of the event to add to each event a number of credits (according to the "level" of the workshop - if international - 5 credits pre hour, if local - 2 credits per hour ...) so that the superadmin in the backend could define the amount of credits per hour/ and level and organizer in the backend could decide what is the "level" and lenght of the workshop and the system would the count the credits and assign the seminar the right number of credits

3.Categories of workshops for gaining credits. E.g. I have four possible categories: let us call it english, polish, czech and I would like to define as an organizer in the backend, that after completeing the seminar from english each participant will gain 5 credits and after seeing his profile, i will see all these three categories and will know, that he gained already 5 credits in english, 6 credits in german, and so on. I am not sure if it would be better to make it into the profil of Community Builder, or add iit somehow as a part of the joomla profile of the user. Finally it would be great if the systém itself coul count the credits in each category from the predefined date of each meber and after a predefined amount of time (by organizer) the system would send users an email informing them, that until certain date they have gained XX emount of credits, and they still need to gain ZZ credits to pass into the next "level". This feature would make a totally unbeateble, making it possible to organize "follow up" courses and also for further education in different areas of life - health care, nurses, teachers,...

Categories of credits would be a different system of categorizing the events, not for frontend use (Children helatcare, Languages,...) but for the credit system, which could be different (clinical, ...)

4.QR code on each certificate and event, making it easier for future dvelopment such as: participant comes to the webpage with printed certificate of attandance of the seminar, makes a "photo" of the QR code and the system automatically adds the right amount of credits and the .pdf of the certificate into the system

5. Possibility of superadmin to see how all mebers are doing in their way to gain XX predefined amount of credits in all the areas of education.

6. possibility of adding an image to the organizer, plus "lecturer" information similarly as organizer, as there can be also 2 lectures, and the organizer can be a different person. Lecturers coul have their own profiles.

I think these features would make your component unbeateble and even more super!

In case you need more precise definition of the list, I will gladly answer your questions, or specify the mi in email. I will be looking forward to see these features in your new releases (if possible :-)

Untill then is it possible to

Best regards,

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