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  3. Thursday, 19 November 2015
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I just bought Hotspots and I´m doing some tests with it. I have some questions that I didn´t find in documentation or in the forum (sorry if I write something wrong, but my Englsh is not the best.):
1) Is it possible when the user starts Hotsposts it opens the mapview showing the user location in the map(no need to press the button in the map)?
2) When I set the number of spots to show in the map to 20 that means that the user will see the 20 nearest points of him? (The center of the map set to user position)
3) On my project I pretend to use hotsposts as it was a smartphone app. Is there some way to set the size of the map and the size of menu (descriptions of the markers) to be more comfortable to end user? (I would like to have a bigger map and a smaller menu)
4) Im using purity III template from Joomlart, and don´t know why It is messing up with the menu page selector. I noticed that it happens when the page is in full size on desktop. If I change the size of the page the problem is corrected. The directions field is not responsive too, ans if I click the read more Button in IOS mobile it is not responsive too.
Thanks for any help.
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