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  3. Wednesday, 04 November 2015
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Hello Yves and Dimitri,

Our film club need a ticketing system, integrated partly or fully with its website (Joomla). We will probably use it for our regular seasons of films, but next Spring, we organise a Film Festival on a week-end, here in Connemara.

We will have 18 screenings/sessions, over the course of 3 days (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday). Most of them will be historical films (no new ones), so we don't think that individual tickets per film would sell well.

We have three different venues, two with 100 seats each, and one with about 80 seats (no fully configured yet).

Our idea is to sell a full festival ticket for the three days, and day tickets, like bundles. But still we need to track who is going to be in each session, to make sure the venue is not overcrowded, and to report the box office to the film producer. And of course, this will ease the flow at the door with the code/name or ticket number check in. And if possible, we would like to be able to transfer people's ticket from a session to another, if they wish to change (ideally they could do it online), inside their day bundle or full festival bundle.

At the end, we may sell individual tickets, only if we see that full day tickets are selling well, a few weeks before the event. We just don't know the figures, as the club has never organised such an event on a week-end. The rest of the time we have two seasons of 10 films each year, in one single venue. We will probably use the same ticket solution for them later on.

How can we use Matukio for this specific event configuration?

I am looking forward from hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,
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