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  4. Thursday, 07 January 2016
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Could you elaborate on what you mean by "using the following syntax:"

I have created 10 matching categories in Hotspots component that match my K2 Categories. I am in the K2 - Hotspots Plugin and confused.

How do I do this mapping?
Write the category ID for K2 then an equal sign then the hotspot category ID in a list, one row for each category in the box that says "Category Mapping" ?

or do I write the actual number of the CatID before the equals sign?
like this: k2CatId39=hotspotCatId200 with a new row for each ID?

Will this mapping then enable the K2 titles to appear on the map or is it more complicated? (probably)

I have extra field groups in my K2 Items.

More questions later.
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