1. Geoff Doohan
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  3. Saturday, 19 September 2015
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Joomla 3.4.4
HotSpots 5.1.11
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I have installed Hotspots on a site I am building and am in the process of populating it. I have 3 categories and a number of locations under each.
For some reason which I cannot understand it has stopped working on the frontend, All it shows is an empty box as in att. I have looked in the error log and this is the only entry from today:
[Fri Sep 18 16:39:10 2015] [notice] [client] mod_hive matched URI http://www.greynomadforum.com/index.php/site/locations (/home/aerotrad/public_html/greynomadforum/index.php) with match 8, referer: http://www.greynomadforum.com/index.php/site/locations
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