1. Christer Linde
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  3. Monday, 24 June 2019
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I'm using Matikio for handle registrations of students that want to learn to weld.
Sometimes we don't get enough of registrations, so the course is because of that not started. We typically start-up when we reach the halves amount of students. To start or cancel a course also depends on registrations for the next class. Sometimes students will attend two sessions following each other. The decision to start or cancel needs to be done manually. Before we make the decision, we do not want any payment. That would make it more troublesome if a cancellation also means paying back. That is why we have inactivated the automatic invoice mail feature.
My question is if there is any possible way to send the invoice mail to the class in the admin area. What I have found is that when to inactivate the automatic invoice email function, it also stops the possibility to send invoice mail in the admin area manually. Is it possible to get any solution or have I missed some features?

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