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  3. Wednesday, 13 August 2008
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I am trying to use joomlacomment with mamblog.

I installed joomlacomment and it works great on normal content, so far so good. I installed the plugin for Mamblog (2 hacked files), which gives me in the Mamblig backend the option to assign Joomlacomment as the commentsystem to be used by Mamblog.

However, at the frontend nothing is changed. No links under each blog to comment and in full view no editor. Altogether not a sign of joomlacomment being alive in com_mamblog.

So I guess I need to make a new setting for joomlacomment in the admin (components > joomlacomment > other components settings) to make it work with Mamblog. So I go there and click new.
At the 'components' select-box there is no Mamblog?
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