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  3. Tuesday, 29 July 2008
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I want joomlacomment to work with Mamblog. I installed the plugin and now under the list of blogs is a link 'View/Add Comments (1)'. This links to the full-view blog with the comment under it and the editor under that.

I would like to get in the bloglist under each blog a link '3 comments' and when clicked to go the full view of the blog with the comments under that and the editor. Thats almost as is default except for that link. It now shows only under the last blog, linking to the comments on the last blog in the list.

I don't mind hacking to get that link under each blog, but by just being creative with the url I can see this might not work. I tried:
this is the full-view blog with comment. 16 seems to be the id of the content-item. I tried to change the id in the url to another item and only got the full item without the comments/editor. whats up with that?

how to get a comment-link under each blog?

joomlacomment 3.25
mamblog 1.0
joomla 1.0.15
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