1. Dave Dodds
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  3. Thursday, 07 January 2016
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 Hey Daniel,

My production site stopped downloading locations. Opening the hotspots menu typically shows it stuck on "loading data" or sometimes it stops with a yellow error message referencing filters.

Analyzing this with Chrome developer tools it's throwing this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'total_entries' of null hotspot.js: 182

Over the last few months I've done speed optimization with JCH, added Admin Tools and kept up with Joomla and other software updates. This is a production site but as it's a new ecommerce site we've been tweaking it regularly. I've been careful to check that Hotspots continued to work with each change, but it's likely I missed something.

I've updated to your latest version of Hotspots (when last working I believe I was on 5.1.10 which also threw the same error before updating to your latest).

I've shutoff JCH, Admin Tools, system cache'ing and gzip and still get the same error.

I've created a stripped down version of the page at http://seafloorsystems.com/dealers/dealers to remove template and other module conflicts but get the same error.

Can you take a look ?


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