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  3. Wednesday, 21 January 2009
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Have u ever thought of adding an ItemID to the commenter link??

Because right now, the modules I have published in my users' profiles don't show when I go to their profiles using the joomlacomment link.

The ItemID is missing!

This is how I do it in my CB SuperActivity Plugin:

// ************************
// this function will fetch ANY ItemID
// of ANY of your pages
// and ANY of your components
// ************************
function newItemID($link, $id, $notlike) {
$db =& JFactory::getDBO();
$sql = "SELECT id FROM jos_menu WHERE link = '$link$id' AND published=1";
$data = $db->loadObjectList();
if (count($data)==0) {
if ($notlike) $notlike = "AND link NOT LIKE '$notlike'";
$sql = "SELECT id FROM jos_menu WHERE link LIKE '$link%' AND published=1 $notlike";
$data = $db->loadObjectList();
$itemid = $data[0]->id;
if ($itemid) {
return $itemid;

where for:
$link you give a general link, something like "index.php?option=com_content" or "index.php?option=com_comprofiler", etc.
$id you give a better identification to your link, something like "&view=article&ID=155", or "&task=userprofile&user=70"
$notlike you give what you don't want to be found, for example for eventlist events, you want to find the ItemID of event pages and not venue pages, so you give: $link="option=com_eventlist"; $id="&view=event&id=xx"; $notlike="venue";

This little function will do the BEST guess of ItemIDs, if you use it correctly, because it will search for the exact ItemID of the item, if it doesn't find it, it will search for a more general ItemID that is correct, and you have the option to define what should be excluded from the search! ;)

PLEASE add ItemID to your links, because modules now don't get displayed in UserProfile Pages!!
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