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Check out the most unique camera apps for your Android device!

If you love photographing, it doesn’t matter if you a pro or an amateur. Our following recommend apps for your Android device, surely will help you out! Save your memorable moments with these best free Android camera apps

Camera Awesome


All photo apps for Android on the market offer basic features. So standing out from the competition is not easy. Therefore, SmugMug released an app called Camera Awesome, which has become incredibly popular: the app won first place in the Photography category in 55 countries of the world. In the first week, Camera Awesome has been downloaded by 2 million users. Just for comparison - Instagram reached this mark in two months. So the pace is really impressive.

With Camera Awesome, your photos will look just like you always dreamed of, because this app shoots faster, clearer, and with improved exposure. Brighten up your memories with vibrant and varied processing. Send them to your friends via automatic mailing.


The composition of the manual: create the best pictures
Shooting modes: you can shoot panoramas, as well as HDR
Face Recognition: Automatically identifies and tracks different faces in a frame while keeping an excellent focus
Resolution settings: take both photos as videos in multiple resolutions
A variety of editing tools: lots of effects, cropping, rotation, and more
Selective editing: click to remove some parts of the picture that were applied to the photo
Sharing: on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Google + and others



ProCapture is a professional program that allows you to extend the functionality of the camera of your smartphone to what we are used to seeing on advanced digital cameras and DSLRs. In particular, with the help of this camera, your smartphone will learn to shoot panoramas in 360 degrees and actively minimize possible noises.

This program actively claims the role of replacing the app, which by default you have called "Camera." Accordingly, in programs that support the ability to upload photos, you can select it as the “default” program.

The differences are striking immediately, for example, if in a standard camera there are usually two, maximum three shooting modes, then there are six of them in this app: normal, timer, high-speed shooting, active noise reduction, stretched frame (panorama 180 degrees) and full 360-degree panorama.

Also, there is a set of ready-made settings: portrait, night portrait, snow, sport, clarity, fireworks, poor lighting, etc. These parameters automatically adjust to the ISO level, white balance, exposure, and other parameters. If this is not enough, you can choose the following modes of flash, lighting and turn on the histogram.

Separately, we would like to highlight such a function as the Fibonacci spiral. Many experienced photographers have proven that this famous sequence can be used to create a high-quality, harmonious frame.

This mode is an alternative to the grid, which is used to build a snapshot according to particular rules.

Of course, the Fibonacci spiral does not make the snapshot more detailed or qualitative, but by emphasizing the first point on the intended object of focus, you can form a proportion that will be quite pleasant.

ProCapture is one of the best alternatives currently available for a standard camera. This is a replacement, not an addition since the program contains all the functions that the default camera has, and even more. The program comes in free and paid versions. In the paid version there is no advertising, and the restriction on the resolution of the photo is also removed (in the free version it is 5 Mp).

Phogy, 3D


Phogy, 3D is a program that allows you to take your favorite photos with 3D effect.

This is a unique camera for smartphones running the Android operating system to create three-dimensional images. Creating such images requires some special skills. Shooting is done within three seconds. At the same time, there are a few rules, following which you can achieve good results. All tips are presented in the appendix and are offered each time for reading before shooting (can be disabled).

And by the way during the shooting, it is not necessary to just stand. You can tilt the phone to the left or right, to change the picture. The developers have very well implemented the use of these photos. You can set such photos as live wallpaper. You can also send them by mail or in the social network in GIF format.

Unlimited number of phogy images (in Pro version)
No special equipment required
The ability to create unique photos with a 3D-effect
The possibility of exchange by email and through social networks
Create mp4 files that you can share via Facebook, Google+, etc. (high quality in Pro version)
Creating GIF-files that can be shared via Google+, Tumblr, etc ... (high quality in Pro version).
Set a phogy snapshot as live wallpaper with a 3D effect (Pro)
Various filters for Phogy-pictures individuality (Pro)
Quality rating (from 1 to 5 stars), announced after you created a Phogy-shot
Adjust (set) the sensitivity of the Phogy-animation from low to high

To liven up your photo memories, follow four simple steps:

Take a Phogy-shot
Click "Camera"
Point the lens at the subject
Slide the device to the right while holding the lens pointed at the subject

So just take your smartphone, download this amazing camera app on our website and transform your device into a magic tool that will shoot amazing 3D photos!

Putting a finishing touch..

What are you feelings after our little “camera” journey? We hope that you now feel comfortable and excited, as we’ve just listed some of the best apk camera apps. They all have their own features and functionalities, that surely will not disappoint. You can find more information about camera apps at: https://medium.com/@top1apk.com/top-10-best-camera-apk-apps-to-download-free-for-android-b8fd12120584

If you want a fast camera app with lots of features then you should try Camera Awesome. ProCapture provides precise shooting with different filters. And of course, as the name implies, Phogy, 3D allows you to shoot the most beautiful photos in 3D!

So stop reading this description and download these camera apps at our Apk market download. And let’s not forget that you can always find more apk apps as well!
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