1. edouard leclercq
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  3. Wednesday, 15 December 2021
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I installed hotspot pro 6.0.0 in joomla 4.0.1 then 4.0.2 then ... up to 4.0.5 now on several different :( websites. I even tried on 2 brand new ones with nothing else than hotspot pro installed.
(PHP 7.4 / 8 tested, MariaDB 10.3.29).
Each and every time, I was able to create markers but never managed to add images except by using the description field. Each time the image file I choose start to updload and then , the progress bar stops at the beginning while circle loading icon continues to spin. Nothing else happens and I have to cancel uploading to move on.
I Already used hotspot pro successfully on previous joomla 3.X and everything was fine (same famous hoster).
Now things get stranger as the images upload field in marker creation form even definitly disapeared.

Please Heeeeeelp !!!:( :( :(

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