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  4. Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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On http://www.blabber.buzz/stageit, HTML tags appear when people enter comments for jomsocial activities in k2 item's comment section. Is there any way to hide these tags or convert <hr> tag to new line (\n) atleast?

This issue come up when write multiline comment under k2 stream. You will notice that middle section has k2 stories. When you open a story, you can comment on that story. If we write comment as multi-line, all <br> tags appear on jom-social wall. Infact, single quotes(') and double quotes(";) also appear.

You can replicate issue by typing 2nd level or 3rd level comment on k2 stream. Please open any k2 item on which someone has commented earlier. Try to type 2nd level or 3rd level comment in multi-line and you will see the effect in jom-social stream after page refresh.

I had contacted jomsocial initially and they told me that the comments are from the Community - CComment plugin that used to it on Jomsocial stream, and its something need to check in the plugin.

Please let me know the code level change which is required to fix this issue?
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