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  3. Thursday, 03 July 2014
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I have Hotspot pro version. 3.62. I imported about 500 hotspots and when it publishes I get a weird date "created by on 30-11--0001" which wouldn't be so bad if the date existed in the current century. this problem for me shows up in the info window as well as recent hotspots module. since im a newbie and cant really do much MySQL. is there a way I can avoid this during the import of another csv file I want to import or is this just a matter of an annoying default in phpmyadmin? it would seem logical to just edit the date in the column label: publish or modify or created and hit go. thanks for your help.
also it interesting to note that when I browse the hot spot markers at the database I see a 0000-00-00 date format throughout which makes me think I imported wrong. :(
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