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  4. Friday, 07 August 2020
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I've been using hotspots maps for many years...6 or 7...and now I find that the description field does not work at all, won't show a cursor, it requires lats and longs even if you have put in an address (this never happened before), and if you upload an image (or set one to be uploaded) you can't cancel it within the form. The lats and longs used to be created automatically with the address. I went all over google maps platform, saw that there was a different API and changed that. I've had the same API for years I think.

Could some of the unneeded APIs be causing the problem? Could my PHP version be causing the problem? I have the latest version of hotspots pro, but have not updated my template for a while because I am scared to. I once tried and the whole site disappeared.

Stupid me..update to the failing form: https://www.mainefiberarts.org/maine-fiber-resource-guide/digital-tour/add-your-map-location
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