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  3. Friday, 15 August 2008
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I'm head over heals in love with this component. I've run it on my test page, and it seems to be working just fine. However, I would like to change the layout into something more plain and simple, something similar to what I used to have with another component I used earlier. EXAMPLE of comment layout here >> (The comment component is switched off, but the "write comment area" looked similar to "write in guestbook" here>>.)

Another forum member has something very similar to what I have in mind, only his comment feature is with light background - here >>

I've looked through the templates that comes with the component, but I didn't quite find what I'm looking for. The Akostyle template is great in many ways, but I miss a little bit more visible "comment divider" and the comment writers name and date/time placed a bit different or at least have some more "open space" around it so it doesn't drown in between title and comment. I also would love to get ridd of the borders around the smilies, if possible. My test page is here>>- I would also like to remove "Add New" and "Search" options, as the "Write comment" form will be placed in bottom of page anyways. Any suggestions? I do have a gut feeling it should be relatively easy to acchieve. At least in my dreams :lol:
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