1. Michelle Wing
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  3. Monday, 21 January 2019
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Hi there,

Just bought HotSpots Pro and setup a paid Google API key and I read somewhere that you mentioned that the free $ 200 / month credit they give you is enough for 25,000 API calls per day but that is found on this webpage of Google's:


which is outdated pricing, what I seem to find now is:


As always way more complicated to understand :( and it SEEMS to me that the pricing is now roughly 30 times more expensive? [25,000 API calls a day vs 28,000 a month?] or maybe I mis-understood something somewhere...

Please see the links above and let me know if you could WHICH type of call(s) HotSpots Pro is doing:

Mobile Native Static Maps, Mobile Native Dynamic Maps, Embed, Embed Advanced, Static Maps, Dynamic Maps, Static Street View, Dynamic Street View?

I haven't yet gone through all of the options but I intend to turn off or not turn on Street View mode in HotSpots Pro [hoping I can anyways] so those last 2 probably won't apply but I'd love to use the Directions feature if possible (i.e. if it doesn't cost me much or anything)...

Thank you for the clarification,


P.S.: In light of this new pricing and in general, when are you planning on implementing OpenStreetmaps, Bing, Mapbox, etc
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