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The Matukio 7.0.11 New event mail HTML template is including the event create date (every time!) for all of the date fields. I created the event in the event manager and added a date, then hit save (to lock the date information) and then Save Close to complete the event. The email puts in the current time and date vice the event dates.

Is this the expected behavior?


The test event has a 3 Aug 1000 start, a 4 Aug 1700 end and a booking closing date of 25 Jul 1200.

Template code (messy, but I was testing each of the fields):



MAT_DATE (date)




MAT_EVENT_BEGIN_LONG_DATE (begin long date)

MAT_EVENT_BOOKED_LONG_DATE (booked date long)

MAT_EVENT_BEGIN (begin date?)
MAT_EVENT_END (end date?)
MAT_EVENT_BOOKED_LONG_DATE (booked date long - duplicate field)
MAT_EVENT_BOOKED (booked end date)
MAT_EVENT_CREATED (created date)

Resulting Email (snippet) - actual email attached:
DEV event 3 and 4 Aug (one date span)

Start: Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56

End: Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56

briefly described (one date span, 3-4 Aug) - event overview

2018-07-22 (date)

2018-07-22 (begin date)

2018-07-22 (end date)

2018-07-22 (booked date)

Sunday, 22. July 2018 (begin long date)

Sunday, 22. July 2018 (booked date long)

Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56 (begin date?)
Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56 (end date?)
Sunday, 22. July 2018 (booked date long - duplicate field)
Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56 (booked end date)
Sunday, 22. July 2018 - 20:56 (created date)
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