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  3. Friday, 15 April 2016
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Hello Daniel,
I understand that currently displaying a hotspots map with preselected filters displays only markers from chosen categories. Now user can click on the Filters and change selected categories from the list. But the list contains all of the categories and that's pretty messy when there is a large amount of categories. Also sometimes I just don't want that user in Investment section be disturbed by different categories. Would be nice to see the option to display in the list only chosen categories (similarly to menu item settings where You select the default filters for item).
For example I want user to see only categories in red border:

Also doing that could fix one of the current problems with hotspots (I did report it earlier) - links to markers are not pointing to proper menu item. For example if I search for playground in the search engine and it will find me two places. One will be The children playground and second one will be night club called playground clicking on both will point me to the same hotspots menu item when they should point to different menu items because I have one menu item (with different template) to display night clubs and second one to display children playgrounds. Now this is a problem.

Edit1\ Thinking about the search issue and maybe there should be additional select option at the menu item settings like: Set this item as a parent for categories: and that's it.
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