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  3. Tuesday, 24 May 2011
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So I am tring to change the fields displayed when a user adds a spot. I've located the add spot form in the view and have added/modified the correct fields. I've also added/modified fields to the jos_hotspot_markers table. I've spent some time reading through the addhotspot() function of controller.php but I'm having problems finding where the DB query is being made.

I've only been using joomla for a couple weeks but I have a good understanding of php and mysql. I could easily open a new connection and add these values separately but I'd much rather do it inline with hotspots.

Please give me some info on where i can find the query I need to modify and also if there is any other dependency i need to modify. I guess I will also need info on where to modify the spot display.

btw: i don't really care about modifying the back end to reflect the changes as only users will be adding spots.
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