1. Richard Ambrosino
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  3. Sunday, 14 April 2013
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Dear Daniel Dimitrov,

Congrats on the new release of CComments for joomla 3.0, I see it is a beta version so I will wait until you have a stable version. I used one of your apps years ago, I think a joomlacomment 3.26. zip file (don't know if this is similar). I liked it. Anyways I looking for an article commenting software for my category blog in joomla 3.0. Only really thing I could find is Disqus comments with a 3.0 extension so it works in joomla 3.0. I am not too happy with this choice, so you sparked my interest when you came out with a 3.0 version of this software. Hope you release a stable version soon.

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