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  3. Sunday, 05 February 2017
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We have a few issues with CNOTES for the new version of Joomla, we are testing it with a group of students for a Computer Science study site and a number of suggestions have been made.

Our Issues
1. The Images button appears at the bottom which gives them access to a restricted area of the site so we have had to disable that button which in joomla disabled it for admin too.
2. In the Manage Notes, you can see the URL for the note, we would prefer an option not to show this, its not needed and again shows the directory structure.
3. We put the notepad in the side bar so there is not a lot of room and a long note means you scroll down forever. An option to limit the length and add a more button to expand would be good.
4. The message "You don't have any notes on that page" does not make grammatical sense for an education site, can it say, "You have no notes on this page" This is not short enough to fit in the side bar without taking up 2 lines. Or even better the ability to customise our own message so or narrow screens we can make it fit.

1. They have asked for the ability to drag and drop images from their desktop into the notepad.
2. Because each page can have many notes, they have asked for the ability in the "Manage Notes" page to hide the notes. So that old notes can still be read in the manage notes page but are not displayed on the side of each page.
3. When you click on the "Add New Note" in side bar, a Title Box and Note Box appears. The Save button is on the right of the Note Box making the note box very narrow, the students have asked to have save button under the box so there is more room to type.
4. When you are in manage notes, you can often only see one line and when you click on it you get the full note. This then has a toolbar for adding colour, bullets etc as it uses joomla editing default. The students have asked if a basic editor ie Bold, Underline, Italic, Emoticon, Hyperlink can be on the side bar or a button to instantly load that message full screen to edit rather than go to manage messages and then edit.
5. When you have saved a note and you want to add too it, the note is loaded full screen. The student say they need to add to the note in the side bar rather than it covering their work. They suggest an option for full screen and mini edit be available.

Sorry some sound picky, I am sending you this as the students really find this extension useful and want to make it better.
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