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  3. Sunday, 24 May 2020
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I purchased CComment Pro on the weekend, having evaluated your free version as a replacement for Disqus comments on my writers' website, tallandtrue.com.au.

However, after I installed the Pro extension and entered a couple of test comments, I noticed Chrome was reporting my SSL website was "Not Secure".

I did some testing and found the problem occurred when I clicked on Posting as Anonymous to post a comment using my name and email address (see below):


I clicked on Chrome's "Not Secure" message for further explanation and saw my SSL certificate was valid, but that there were 8 cookies on the website (see below):


There are a number of short-lived cookies among the 8 (I think some belong to Google?), but there were also your cookies:



If I Remove these and refresh the screen, Google's "Not Secure" message disappears.

I have since tested this on your Pro and free versions and the same problem occurs. (I must have missed it when evaluating CComment.)

Because of the "Not Secure" message, I've disabled CComment on my live website, reverting back to Disqus.

I will provide you with details to my Staging/test environment where hopefully you can investigate and resolve the problem. (Because I am keen to use CComment Pro on my website!)

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