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  3. Tuesday, 27 June 2017
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Hi Dimitri,

I have a question about your architecture.

I want to show different maps according to a new condition.

To do this, I added a new parameter in the menu map options (components\com_hotspots\views\hotspots\tmpl\default.xml).

And I added a new $where[] condition to the query in buildWhereBoundariesQuery()(components\com_hotspots\models\json.php).
In this condition, I need to use the parameter stored in the map options.

But I can't access this parameter in buildWhereBoundariesQuery() (because of AJAX / Marionette ?). I try HotspotsHelperSettings, Itemid from url, JFactory::getApplication()->getMenu()->getActive().
Nothing works.

HotspotsHelperSettings works for Hotspots parameters but not for map options.

An easy way is to pass the parameter in the function itself. So I have to reach back the previous functions:

buildWhereBoundariesQuery($cats = null) (in components\com_hotspots\models\json.php)
getHotspots() (in components\com_hotspots\models\json.php)
display($tpl = null) (in components\com_hotspots\views\jsonv4\view.raw.php)

But I cannot find the function which calls display($tpl = null).

Can you tell me which function calls display($tpl = null) ??? (Or how to get the menu parameter in buildWhereBoundariesQuery).

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