1. Vitaliy Lyubezhanin
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  3. Saturday, 10 March 2012
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How can i add the comment anchor (#JOSC_TOP) to the top of the article when the article was already clicked on.

for example.

http://aleksandrshevchenko.org/news - this has (0 Комментариев)on top below the article title.


http://aleksandrshevchenko.org/news/testimonies/item/131-23-minuets-in-hell - This is missing the anchor text (0 Комментариев)on top below the article title next to the author.

How can i add it. What file do i edit ( probably a template file) and what code do i insert there.

I've attached an image. Basically i'd want the comment count with the anchor (#JOSC_TOP) in the K2 article view.

Thank you.

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