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  4. Wednesday, 07 June 2017
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Hi Daniel,
It is being a hard week to work, is being my time to configure hotspot. But sure it is done soon, I promess ;) I m sorry for all question, Little missing, it is really because I can not get fix it or not find something in the net to help.

Ok.. here we go... I migrate my site to another domain (you have here new data access) to get SSL Certificade by Cloudflare. It was some difficult and some content get error, One of theses content that get error was hotspot. all hotspot marker disappeared from the map and the menu side bar, can not see more cards. This side bar in main map is loading forever never load the hotspots.

To try fix it I install from JED a extentsion call "Cloudflare for joomla" but it not fix my issue with hotspot. Was a recomendation I see.

You know someting aboult this issue ?

I ll be very grateful for your help

thanks so much
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