1. Gary Miller
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  3. Monday, 19 October 2015
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I am wondering if it would be possibly to modify the default.php file for the hotspots layout so that it includes the category description for the category map that is being displayed?
For example, I have Hot Spot Categories A, B and C each with a formatted description added in HotSpots. In the front-end I have three menu items, each displays a specific HotSpots category Map. It would be great if I can then have the option to display the Description for the specific category beneath the Map.
I know I could do this with a custom module added the the specific page although that would require a user to go through a number of extra steps and know more about Joomla's functionality then the user may have. As the information is already in the HotSpots' database and as the page is already displaying the map for a specific category it would make much more sense to have the ability to show the description automatically. This feature is not currently available although would anyone know if it would be possibly to modify the existing hotspots template and add the code to do this? If so, any recommendation for what code to add?

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