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  3. Thursday, 07 March 2013
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CNotes is the most simple and elegant front-end 'data-entry' plugin I've found - so kudos to developers.

I like it so much that I found I want to use it in multiple places on one web. For eg, in a 'CEO dashboard' application, I want 2 separate places for the CEO to be able to add notes .. ie 1) Notes for Mgmt Meets, 3) Notes for the Board.

Sadly, each use is its own effective category, hence I need to display in each only those notes that are related to the page's context.

For me category assignment, would only be needed from the back-end. So the front-end users don't see any changes, ie don't have to specify category.

Also curious, I notice J! User Notes has categories, but sadly I have not found any extensions to display/ add user notes from front-end ... another potential approach to my 'CEO dashbord' app. ???
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