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Tag functionality
Hello Yves, the last question of our presale questions was the following: ...
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Posted on Sunday, 28 February 2021
Invalid Token Error
Hi, no one can post a comment as the invalid token error keeps happening....
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Posted on Tuesday, 09 March 2021
How do we export locations data from hotspots? Pos
Can the list of hot spots locations plus extra fields be exported?...
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Posted on Thursday, 03 June 2021
  • #CSV export
Enable Geolocation
How do I enable Geolocation in my Mapview? Thanks...
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Posted on Friday, 04 June 2021
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regarding your "Hostposts" extension, Is
If when you hovered (!) over each of the icons, the name of the project appears ...
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Posted on Thursday, 03 June 2021