Chapter 4. Using the CTransifex extension

In this chapter we will go through the basics of setting up the CTransifex extension.


To access the component options you need to first login into your Joomla backend and then navigate to components->CTransifex. Once in the component click on the options button. The options are divided in 2 tabs "Transifex" & "Install.xml". In the transifex tab you can provide your username & password for - it is required for the transifex API. Without this information we would not be able to request information for any project and download the files from transifex.

The lang map is used to match the transifex languages to the Joomla language. We provide a pretty good default mapping, but if you find that we've missed something just add it to this field.


We merge the content of this field with the value of lang_map in your .config file (if any)

Each language package needs an install.xml file in order for Joomla to be able to install the language on the site. We create that file automatically & in the install.xml file you are able to set some of the values for this file like - author, author email, author_url & copyright.