Matukio 6.1.2 is available now

Matukio 6.1.2 is available now

​We are happy to announce the availability of Matukio Events 6.1.2 for Joomla 3.x, with one new view to easier find events, bugfixes and new options. We also introduced a new plugin for our MailChimp Newsletter integration CMC.


  • ​New View: Event Wizard
  • Simple Image Uploader also for event detail image
  • Automatic resizing of uploaded images setting 
  • Matukio Events MailChimp / CMC Plugin
  • New parameters (like element size) for organizer, near you and tiles module
  • Improved Api for querying events, categories and locations by Apps
  • Timezone improvements for recurring events in daylight savings timezones

Event Wizard

The new Event Wizard view is ideal for sites with a large number of events, allowing visitors to easily find the right one. They can find a matching event in three simple steps:

1. Select the event location (They are automatically ordered by the geo location)

2. Select the event category (of events which are available at the location)

3. Select the event in a calendar, which already shows available event dates.

You can than go to the event-detail page or directly book the event.

Matukio 6.1.2 is fully compatible with Joomla 3.6 and already prepared for Joomla 3.7!

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