Matukio 6.0.14 is out

Matukio 6.0.14 is out

We just released Matukio 6.0.14 bringing minor bugfixes and improvements.


# Only show pagination when there are more events then the limit

# Fix wrong currency when creating booking in backend
# Fixed an CSS issue in the booking page for multiple tickets
# Fixed an issue with the booking page when you fast hit Add button
# Fix number of events in event table (Thanks Thilo Petry for reporting)
# Fixed an issue with default values in calendar (week and day - Thanks Thilo Petry)
# Fixes in text for the calendar
# Fix of default value in firstHour for the calendar (for updates change it to 08:00:00)
# Fixed an label issue (webinar) in default values (Thanks Oleg Makogon for reporting)
# Fixes in submission view
# Fixes with Microdata (for event details)
# Fixes of the event-link
# Fixes in organizers view (link for events)
# Plugin Event fixes
# Removed a tab from organizer comment
# Fixed an issue in mod_matukio_events_near_you
# None / Reset filter for the new booking field filters
# Removed JRoute from ICS file
# Date in new event mail is now sent with JHtml date
# Fixes in index creation

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