!JoomlaComment 4.0 RC1 released

Hey guys! It is been a long time since we released joomlacomment 4.0 beta2. Actually we were planning to skip 4.0 stable since beta2 was doing pretty well (no major bugs etc). But well, nobody is perfect. Recently a security flaw was discovered in all previous versions of JoomlaComment, including beta2. Naturally, a new release had to be made to address this.

The new RC1 release here today has patched the security, and has additional compatibility fixes and tweaks (since beta 2). Now it is the best time to update to the most stable and secure release yet. If you downloaded RC1 from the forums already, you are encouraged to update too as additional fixes have been made.

What is in store for the future? We don't plan to release another 4.0 version. We are concentrating on 4.1 that should bring a lot of speed improvements to all of you. The first alpha release is available for testers already in the forums (see the last blog article, Alpha testers needed).

Don't wait! Go to the download section and get your !joomlacomment 4.0 RC1 now!

We at Compojoom would like to thank again to all testers, contributors and users of JoomlaComment!    

Daniel D., Jonus C. & Nills A.

edit 29.01.2010 11:10 GMT: We understand the fact that we are going to be very unpopular with our latest decision, but it is a fact. The RC that you are going to download includes only the modern template. All other templates were removed, since they don't correspond to the code level we are aiming to. We will try to rewrite them in the next weeks and release them in the download section as separate downloads.

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