How To Make Professional Joomla Templates

How To Make Professional Joomla Templates

Biggie Smalls created a lot of buzz throughout the community on arrival. It led to vast amounts of enquiries regarding details on the creation of Joomla Templates.
Many enquiries were similar to others, So I thought it might be an idea to sum up details as best I can, to a presentation concerning the main features on how to make professional Joomla Templates.


A knowledge base like this packs the needed information into a learning curve that should get you up and running in hours, rather than months from self teaching methods....

To get things underway here's my first intriductory video.Take a look and let me know what you think(do you like my accent, etc :))


Full workshop content:

  • General template information
    • What is the purpose of a template?
    • Why does Joomla! use templates?
    • How are templates executed?
    • Installing a template
    • Working with the template manager
  • Create your own template
    • Setting up a directory structure
    • Creating a basic templateDetails.xml file
    • Creating a basic index.php file
      • jdoc statements
      • the type attribute
      • the style attribute
    • Packaging the template for installation
    • Overriding the system output
      • a little theory about MVC
      • Template vs. Layout
      • Output types
      • Layouts
      • Create or copy layout files
      • Overriding sub-layouts
      • Module overrides
      • Module chrome
      • Pagination links overrides
    • Template params
      • Defining a parameter in templateDetails.xml
      • Storing template parameters values
      • Retrieving paramater data in a template file
      • Creating custom template parameter types
        • Location of standard parameter type codes
        • Starting a new custom parameter type
        • changes to the XML file for custom parameters types
        • coding a custom parameter type
    • Multilingual templates
      • Location of template language definition files
    • Print version
      • Customizing the print pop-up
      • Pop-up only Styles
      • Pop-up only Modules
    • Favicon
      • Changing the site favicon
  • 30 minutes for questions and answers


You also get get the developer version of the Biggie Smalls template which retails for $147. I'm doing this so that you can not only learn how to do it yourself but also have something as a reference point so that for sake of convinence, you can even model on it.


Full money back guarantee


Because there are only so many people that can be trained at a time, the live training is restricted to 20 people.

For the webinar we will use:


P.S. If you have any questions or suggestions what the workshop should also cover don't hesitate to leave a comment!

The webinar will start at exactly 16:00 Berlin time.

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