JEDchecker 1.2 released! No more base64 drama!

I promised myself that I'll stop working during the weekend, but it proves to be harder than expected...

Tobias Kuhn made some awesome changes to the code structure of the extension. His pull request was staying in github for too long time and I had to merge it :) We now have a base rule and report classes and that makes it really easy to write new check rules.

I was watching the forum drama last/this week around base64 encoding/obfuscation and I thought that it would be nice if the JEDchecker had checks for base64 function usage. Right now I wrote an extremely basic check - just looking for the presence of base64 string in any file. Here I want to say - you are allowed to use base64 in your extensions - it is not against the JED rules. It is against the JED rules only if you use this function to make it harder for users to read your code or you mask back links. Encoding your code just to make it harder for users to change it is plain stupid - if you are releasing GPL software why the ... are you making it harder for users to read your code???

The last version of the JEDChecker is as usual available in the download section.

I'm sorry for the next sentence, but it is the only one the JED allows me to use according to the TOS (section E). :(

If you use JEDChecker, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

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