CMC 1.5 now integrates Mailchimp even better with Joomla!

Yesterday, we've released a new CMC version out into the wild. With this version we've introduced some of the requested features on our forum.

For example - if a user is logged into your website we can now pre-fill his email & name in the newsletter form leaving him with one single action to do - and that is click the subscribe button. Our module is now also able to determine who is subscribed and show him an option to unsubscribe or to update his subscription.

If you were using one of our registration plugins, then you might have noticed that uppon clicking the newsletter checkbox the user was presented with fields where he had to enter his email, name etc. Now that is no longer necessary. You have the option to map the Mailchimp fields to joomla fileds. This way if you are already asking for email & name in your joomla form, we can take the information right out of there and inject it into our newsletter form.

Another important change that is not visible to the user, but you as a website owner should know is the fact that CMC no longer uses Mootools for the form validation and ajax sending. Since the Joomla! project has deprecated the use of Mootools & it is going to be removed completly anytime now we have moved all our JS code to jQuery. On Joomla 3.3 we use the jQuery version that comes with Joomla. On Joomla 2.5 we load our own jQuery version. If your template is already loading jQuery you are able to turn this off in the module settings.

Together with the above Javascript improvement we went through our code base and have cleaned it up, removed the use of deprecated functions and made sure that when Joomla 3.4 is out you will be able to update.

Since images tell more than words, let me show you few screenshots!

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