CMC 1.1 released

In July we released the first version of our new(free as in a beer) extension CMC - Mailchimp for Joomla. Sofar we got awesome feedback and want to thank anyone who downloaded it and uses it. As it is normally the case - no software is perfect. Today we've released a small update that is making the extension hopefully a little more user friendly :)

One of the complaints that we had in the past was about the webhook key. It seemed that nobody was able to understand what to enter in that field. So in CMC 1.1 - you don't have to enter anything! You just need to copy the url and paste it in mailchimp. (in the background we generate a key and add it to your URL - yea!) This should bring you up to speed in no time!

The users view also got some improvements. Now you are able to sort by your mailchimp list name and you can order the results by timestamp and id.

A requested feature was - export to CSV file - now its there!

Something small, but also awesome is our "Add group" feature. Now with just a few clicks you can add the users from 1 or more joomla user groups to a mailchimp list. A note here - only users that are not in your list will be added and we use the double opt in - when you add the users - they won't be directly added! They will receive a mail from Mailchimp asking them to confirm that they want to be in the list. If they click the link -> they will land in your list.

Ok, so that were the most notable new features in 1.1 . Don't wait! Go to our download section and grab the download! Or if you are updating - go to live update and update :)

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